Free Useful Software

Very useful software to work in conjunction with myEye:

GazeTalk: GazeTalk is a predictive text entry system that has a restricted on-screen keyboard with ambiguous layout for severely disabled people.


Dynamic Keyboard: The Dynamic Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard which allows you to type using your computer and an input device such as a joystick, trackball, mouse, single switch, among others.

As you type, the Dynamic Keyboard also anticipates what you are trying to type and helps you choose the right letters and words faster. As you use the Dynamic Keyboard, it learns or remembers which words you tend to use and how you tend to type and, through this, will estimate your preferred choices in advance, thus helping to improve your typing speed.

You can use the Dynamic Keyboard to write into almost any program that accepts text on your computer, such as email programs or word processors.